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Win a Magellan GPS especially for RVers

Here are the winners of the essay contest
Posted Sept. 21, 2012

The rules are below for reference

First Place
Alexa and Randy Garrell
Costa Mesa, California
It was hard to believe, but I spotted Elvis in a 1979 Winnebago dubbed “The Mayflower” with silly Betty sitting next to him, his mutant parakeet on the dashboard, and an Albanian goat tied to the bumper! Due to an exploding holding tank, they were parked at a campsite dump station. Directing traffic was none other than Sarah Palin atop Mr. Ed. She had a nasty bug and was emitting a terrible odor. When she opened her mouth to speak, out came a whistling oyster that looked a lot like Bugs Bunny. She said she wanted to be the President and was willing to use questionable tactics, including receiving a brain from organ donor Maude’s dog Robert and using a Magellan GPS to find Russia.

The Garrells win a 7-inch Magellan GPS loaded with maps of USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Second Place
Gary Brown
Bonifay, Florida
I was traveling in my 1979 Winnebago with my friends when we smelled a terrible odor.  Betty suggested it was coming from the mutant parakeet purchased at an Albanian goat farm. The bird, who spoke like Bugs Bunny, enjoyed watching Mr. Ed while eating nasty bug treats. I said, “That’s silly Betty, it has to be Maude’s dog Robert.” Robert sat staring at the whistling oyster souvenir sitting next to the miniature Elvis and Sarah Palin statues.  Maude, who is an organ donor, said “We need to find a dump station quick to prevent an exploding holding tank.”  Using my Magellan GPS we found a campsite at the Mayflower Resort. The President joined us and using questionable tactics we safely expelled the aroma causing goo.

Gary wins the book "The 2012 Next Exit"
Third Place
Stan Cruse

Fircrest, Washington
Maude’s dog Robert and I were heading down the highway in 1979 Winnebago named the Mayflower, when I smelled a terrible odor and heard sound like whistling oyster coming from underneath. I decided to check the Magellan GPS for the nearest campsite with a dump station. I had to find it quickly because Mr. Ed the Albanian goat I traded for the mutant parakeet Silly Betty, had a nasty bug. I worried I would have a sick goat or an exploding holding tank very soon. I was listening to the President on the radio, talking about Sarah Palin and her questionable tactics as an organ donor, when a pink Cadillac with Elvis driving, passed me going faster than Bugs Bunny heading for a carrot patch.

Stan wins an RVbookstore.com coffee mug

* * *


Show off your writing talent and you could win a $429 Magellan RoadMate RV9165T-LM GPS, "the ideal RV travel companion," plus other prizes (see below). Just incorporate all the 20 words and word combinations below into a story no longer than 125 words.

Win this GPS designed especially for RVers!
You must use ALL the words exactly as they are printed and only one time each. If singular, keep it that way. If plural, keep it that way. Capitalizing words is okay when appropriate. If your story exceeds 125 words it will be disqualified. Even the letter a is considered a word.

The winners will be judged on creativity, proper spelling and grammar (if bad or marginal don't expect to win) and, most importantly, how well their story makes the RVtravel.com staff laugh.

Only one entry per person. The entrant's email address must be subscribed to the free RVtravel.com newsletter. (Sign up here if you are not currently on our list. If you are not sure, sign up again -- in either case you will only receive one email from us a week). If the email address you use to enter the contest is NOT on the list you are NOT eligible to win. Entrants must be at least 18 years old with a mailing address in the USA or Canada and not be affiliated with RVtravel.com or RVbookstore.com.

Here are the words that MUST be included in your story of 125 words or less.

1979 Winnebago
silly Betty
Albanian goat
mutant parakeet
organ donor
dump station
Sarah Palin
Magellan GPS
Maude's dog Robert
questionable tactics
nasty bug
exploding holding tank
the Mayflower
whistling oyster
the President
Bugs Bunny
terrible odor
Mr. Ed

ENTRY DEADLINE: September 10, 2012.
Winning essay and name of winner will be published in the Sept. 15 edition of the RVtravel.com newsletter. Runner ups and "Honorable Mentions" will be published on the RV Contest blog.

Email entries to Chuck@RVtravel.com. In the subject line write CONTEST ENTRY (and nothing else). Include your mailing address and phone number in case you win. Only your name and city will ever be made public, and only if you win. The rest of your information stays private with us.

•First prize: A 7-inch Magellan GPS loaded with maps of USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. Read all about it here. Retail value: $429.99.
•Second prize: The book "The 2012 Next Exit."
•Third prize: A very impressive RVbookstore.com coffee mug.

Good luck!